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Calder Consultants was established by James Calder in 2012 . Calder Consultants is a global, independent consulting firm with specialist expertise in the future of work, learning, health and cities and the space required to support this.  In 2018 James and Rentaro Oku launched Calder Consultants Japan, providing clients with workspace solutions that are unique to the Japanese market, yet innovative at the same time, creating happier and more productive working environments .

In November 2019 Calder Consultants transitioned into ERA-co, a new experience consultancy with capabilities spanning User Strategy and Change Management, Brand Experience and Urban Systems and Planning.  James Calder has partnered with global leaders Steven Cornwell & Dr . Christian Derix to create ERA-co; James’  team will continue to work on workplace strategy and specialist building projects and is excited to expand its impact and service range globally.  James, Steven and Christian wanted to form a new consulting model that sits in the transformative space between creativity and consulting to enable their clients to tackle the 21st century’s biggest challenges .

Calder Consultants Japan continues to grow, providing workplace consulting services and assisting clients with strategy,
consulting, implementation and research; the team’s understanding of workstyles, organisational culture and technology together with extensive experience in project delivery provides clients with expert and executive level advisory throughout their workspace project .


カルダー・コンサルタンツ・ジャパン株式会社は、奥 錬太郎とジェームス・カルダーが長年温めてきたビジョンが結実し、2018年2月に設立されました。

国内外で数々のワークプレイスを構築してきた奥 錬太郎が、オーストラリアのチームと連携します。




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