Rentaro Oku / 奥 錬太郎

CEO, Calder Consultants Japan / カルダー・コンサルタンツ・ジャパン株式会社 代表取締役







Rentaro is responsible for making innovations happen in the workspaces across Japan. He has made his mark in the design field as a workspace consultant and strategist, having served an impressive list of clients including Macquarie Group, Citi Group, SingTel/Optus, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Tohoku Electric Power and adidas. Rentaro’s expertise lies in change communication and the development of strategic design briefs based on detailed studies of behaviours and executive interviews. He is highly motivated to create innovative workspaces influenced by the Japanese traditions. Rentaro earned a Bachelor degree in Project Design (Architecture) from Miyagi University, and a Masters degree in Design Engineering Management (Workplace Planning and Design) from the Kyoto Institute of Technology.

Kaori Notari / 野谷 香織

Workplace Strategist / ワークプレイスストラテジスト




Kaori is a workplace strategist with a Masters in Design and Engineering Management.  She is experienced in workplace consolidation project for companies.

Kaori can work closely with clients throughout an extended project program to ensure the successful delivery and operation of their new workplace. Her expertise lies in change communication and the development of strategic design briefs based on detailed studies of behaviors and space utilization.

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