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In the new age, innovation can come from anywhere and Australasia seems to be one of the places where the workplace is evolving rapidly.  The latest projects here are pushing ahead from the activity worksetting models developed in the 1990s and first piloted here in 2002, and starting to look at hybrid solutions, highly tuned to individual organisational cultures, which should show the path ahead for the next workplace evolution.  A few organisations are well equipped to move to the next generation of workplace model, where individuals and teams can work flexibly and in real time.  These organisations have innovative workplaces already (and understand the advantages and not often talked about issues).  They also understand the significance of the container – the collaborative building typologies that are fundamentally different from the old industrial age central core towers.  In some cases we are seeing organisations returning to owning rather than leasing their key buildings to ensure they can create what they need 슬픈연가.

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