Members of the Calder Consultants team regularly present at national and international conferences and events, such as WORKTECH, Pause Fest, ALPMA and TEMC, and are pleased to share a selection of these talks and presentations below.

For more information on any of the topics discussed, or to invite a Calder team member to participate in your next conference or event, please contact Calder here 리믹스 3.0 다운로드.



WORKTECH18 Sydney – Andrea Egert and Nick Todd

Presentation: ‘Creating a Workplace Experience that Accelerates Agile Teams’.

Video Run Time: 20 Minutes


On 21 March 2018 Calder Consultants’ Senior Strategist Andrea Egert joined Atlassian’s Nick Todd, Head of Workplace Experience Projects and Real Estate, at WORKTECH18 Sydney to present their session ‘Creating a Workplace Experience that Accelerates Agile Teams’ cat's beamsubtitles.

Atlassian’s teams have used the Agile philosophy from the beginning – and keep evolving it to build their Get $#!t Done™ muscle and develop kick-ass products.  During their session Nick and Andrea showed WORKTECH attendees how Atlassian creates and scales workplace experiences that eliminate friction and enable Agile teams to thrive.

Calder is excited to be able to share the footage from Nick and Andrea’s session, courtesy of Unwired Ventures 김범수 하루 다운로드.



WORKTECH17 Berlin – Andrea Egert

Presentation: ‘Agile ≠ Agile’.

Video Run Time: 18 Minutes


Calder Consultants’ Andrea Egert, Senior Strategist, presented her session ‘Agile ≠ Agile’ at WORKTECH17 Berlin on 4 July 2017 Download for Katia students.  First tech firms, now corporates, the agile movement is taking over and with it come different space requirements to what many still call an “agile workspace”; in her session Andrea showed WORKTECH17 attendees how Australian workspaces are evolving to enable agile teams.

Calder is excited to be able to share the footage from Andrea’s session and a follow up interview, courtesy of Unwired Ventures root ca 인증서 다운로드.

Andrea’s WORKTECH17 session can be viewed here.

Andrea’s interview can be viewed below.

Further information about the event can be read here 아이폰 구버전 앱.



WORKTECH16 Sydney – Andrea Egert and Gina Creegan

Presentation: ‘Unleashing the Potential in Every Team’.

Video Run Time: 15 Minutes


Calder Consultants Senior Strategist, Andrea Egert, and Atlassian’s Gina Creegan, Senior Programme Manager, Workplace Experience, came together on stage at the WORKTECH16 event in Sydney on Tuesday 23 February 2016 to co-present their session ‘Unleashing the Potential in Every Team’ Download the Minecraft War Map.

Andrea and Gina’s presentation, based upon Atlassian’s mission, outlined for attendees the value that Atlassian places on teams and how it is redefining business collaboration for its customers as well as its own teams.  Andrea and Gina also focused on the importance of culture, agile processes and flow, whilst demonstrating to WORKTECH attendeees how Atlassian’s workspace is evolving and enabling teams to build great software in a truly dynamic environment.

A video of Andrea and Gina’s presentation can be viewed here Hangouts pc.

Click here to learn more about Atlassian.



Pause Fest 2016 – James Calder and Courtney Clapper

Presentation: Zen and the Art of the Modern Workplace

Video Run Time: 15 Minutes


On 12 February 2016, James Calder and Atlassian’s Courtney Clapper co-presented their PauseFest session ‘Zen and the Art of the Modern Workplace’ at Federation Square’s Deakin Edge Java jdk 1.8.  With a focus on ‘Business’, the third day of the PauseFest conference event invited speakers and attendees to consider the mastering of disruption, asking the question: ‘Moments of change can define a business. Digital disruption is both a threat and an opportunity and innovation is no longer optional. But how can the old and new exist in harmony?’.

During their session James and Courtney discussed the new models of workspaces and how we should not fear but embrace the possibilities of enriching our lives through our work with others in spaces that are good for the soul Download whatever you want to ask. Calder Consultants are pleased to advise that PauseFest are now providing the opportunity to view the sessions through a series of videos that they have recently released online.

Visit PauseFest’s website by clicking here.  Visit Atlassian’s website by clicking here.