The highly acclaimed National Australia Bank (NAB) 700 Bourke Street project was a finalist in three categories at the Property Council of Australia Innovation and Excellence Awards for 2015 식스틴. The categories included:

  1. The SAS international award for best office development
  2. WSP Parsons Brinkerhoff award for best sustainable development – new building
  3. Project Control Group award for best workplace project

The NAB  project has been widely publicised as being one of the world most innovative workplaces which reflects the aspirations of the organisation 지각대장 존.

James Calder and the Calder Consultants team developed the brief for the base building, led the design competition and provided value management input chrome canary. This included weekly work sessions with the architect teams and multi-disciplinary project team as well as a series of strategic interviews with key leaders at NAB to learn about the strategic priorities and obtain early buy-in spiceworks 다운로드. Once the CBus site was selected, NAB commissioned the team to develop the integrated fitout brief. The process included a second round of strategic senior leadership interviews, observation studies, and over 30 workshops and work sessions on NAB’s cultural aspirations and future workstyles as well as the requirements for the non-office spaces 노네임드 다운로드.

The resulting brief included the overall strategy and concept, summaries on the different business units, a detailed space budget, layouts and the requirements for the office and non-office spaces 판매박사. After sign-off by the project steering committee, regular working sessions with the fitout designers followed to review and refine the design in line with NAB’s business requirements 패킷트레이서 7.0.

Roger Macmorran who had led this project for NAB joined with James Calder at the completion of this project to establish CalderMacmorran. The pair identified the missing link in the traditional project management services that enabled and aided the implementation of workspace strategy Riact native.

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Image credits: Property Council of Australia