Macquarie Group has featured in an Australian Financial Review article outlining the organisation’s recent initiative to help bolster the declining bee population 일구팔칠.

An idea suggested by staff prior to relocating to the new Martin Place Headquarters, Macquarie’s Kate ffrench Blake, the buildings’ General Manager, engaged the services of apiarists The Urban Beehive to assist them with the installation and management of two beehives on the roof of their 19 Elizabeth Street building in Sydney’s CBD.  Kate ffrench Blake says of a weekend bee-keeping course she attended, run by The Urban Beehive’s Doug Purdie: “It underscored the importance of bees to the food chain.  I thought it would fit well with our push for sustainability and support of the environment.”

Macquarie’s European honey bees are said to be able to travel up to 8km to forage within, and in turn, pollinate, Sydney’s street plants and inner city gardens; to date the hives, housing 160,000 bees, have yielded a combined 40kg of honey which has been utilised within the organisation and provided to both staff and guests Download movie archipelago.

The hives also form part of a network of approximately 100 hives across Sydney managed by The Urban Beehive team, providing much needed support for the Australian – and global – bee population which is currently under threat from the Varroa mite.  Whilst Australia is the only continent in the world yet to be affected by the destructive parasite, it has been reported that it is only a ‘matter of time’ before the mite arrives on Australian shores Yua Young.

Source: The Australian Financial Review, 18 September 2015 (Article: Michael Bleby / Photography: Ben Rushton)

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