On Thursday 5 April 2018 James Calder will join fellow speakers at WORKTECH18 Tokyo, presenting his session ‘Towards a New ‘High Productivity’ Workplace in Japan’ gba 롬 다운로드.

Hidden in the back catalogue of management theory articles from the 1980’s are two of the most important ideas for the future of ‘high productivity’ working 구글 플레이 북 다운로드. Idea one (1985, USA) is ‘that your office is where you are’; idea two is the greater speed and flexibility of ‘rugby teams and scrums’ (1986, Japan) Dokyu Fairy Tale Snail. James’ presentation, with supporting case studies, will explore how these ideas are transforming workplaces around the world and have the potential to create a new workplace model for Japan Download the sharing tulle. The result will be reduced hours, greater effectiveness, increases in user satisfaction and minimised cost, with the opportunity to accelerate the cultural transformation of Japanese companies as they adapt to the changing global marketplace Animated Running Man Season 2.

WORKTECH18 Tokyo will be held at Shinagawa Season Terrace, 1-2-70 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo; themes for the conference include future workstyles in Japan, facilitation of cultural change, designing for a more diverse workforce and the future of the workplace 권나무 mp3 다운로드.