Calder Consultants is pleased to announce the official launch of Calder Consultants Japan, based in Tokyo.



On the evening of Wednesday 4 April 2018 James Calder, Principal and Founder of Calder Consultants, and Rentaro Oku, CEO of Calder Consultants Japan, hosted an event to launch Calder Consultants Japan at the Arper showroom in Minato-ku, Tokyo 플렉스.

Both James and Rentaro were honoured to share this exciting occasion with their guests, celebrating the official introduction of Calder Consultants into the Japanese market Download Mac Adobe 2018. Rentaro provided guests with an overview of CCJ and the vision for the business, outlining its objective to provide clients with workspace solutions that are unique to the Japanese market, yet innovative at the same time, creating happier and more productive working environments Oh my ghost twice downloaded.


Many of Japan’s leading organisations were represented on the night with the guest list including Mr Tadahiko Shibuya, CEO of Mitsui Designtec, the strategic partner of Calder Consultants Japan 웨스턴샷건.

Calder Consultants Japan wishes to extend its thanks to Mr Andrea Fenaroli and Mr Koji Kakoki from Arper for their support and providing the venue for the evening, to Mrs Ai Oku and Mrs Hiroko Raistrick for event and hospitality coordination and Mr Nicholas Raistrick for photography 킹 오브 파이터즈 97.


201844日夜、カルダー・コンサルタンツ創立者であり代表であるジェームス・カルダーと、CCJ代表の奥 錬太郎は、アルペールジャパン株式会社様の東京ショールームをお借りして、CCJのお披露目会を開催致しました。

この度、素晴らしいゲストの皆様と共に、CCJを正式に日本のマーケットにご紹介できましたことを、ジェームス・カルダーと奥 錬太郎は、大変嬉しく思っております。

会場では、奥 錬太郎からは、CCJのビジョンを紹介させていただきました。