On 21 March 2018 Calder Consultants’ Senior Strategist Andrea Egert joined Atlassian’s Nick Todd, Head of Workplace Experience Projects and Real Estate, at WORKTECH18 Sydney to present their session ‘Creating a Workplace Experience that Accelerates Agile Teams’.

Atlassian’s teams have used the Agile philosophy from the beginning – and keep evolving it to build their Get $#!t Done™ muscle and develop kick-ass products.  During their session Nick and Andrea showed WORKTECH attendees how Atlassian creates and scales workplace experiences that eliminate friction and enable Agile teams to thrive.

Calder is excited to be able to share the footage from Nick and Andrea’s session, courtesy of Unwired Ventures – video run time 20 mins.


Andrea Egert & Nick Todd, Creating a Workplace Experience That Accelerates Agile Teams from Unwired Ventures on Vimeo.