Some of the latest thoughts in terms of design projects beginning now, revolve around two aspects: how will teams work in the future, and how will technology such as social media be harnessed and become part of the fabric of how we will work.  These phenomena are factors of, or contributing to, the breakdown of the old organisational structures and silos.  We have seen the demise of organisations like Kodak, that failed to act quickly enough to see the threat of the digital age to their businesses, but perhaps the story of Apple and Sony is even more relevant.  Sony had all the technology Apple had, but their structure prohibited speedy implementation.  Apple got the job done and is now the most profitable company ever, and Sony is still making losses.  The issue is not whether to change structure but how to implement it quickly.  This is where implementing the new, digital age workplace can drive cultural and behavioural change much faster than any other lever.