Fairfax Media’s Real-Time Working project — involving a metrics-focused series of technological strategies that enables more efficient and flexible work by individuals and teams — was presented the first-ever Global Innovation Award by INMA at the association’s World Congress in San Francisco.

The INMA Global Innovation Awards in 2014 aimed to shine a light on structured innovation programmes at media companies.

In implementing the Real-Time Working project, Fairfax aimed for more agile and responsive business operations and an inspiring and collaborative workplace that embodied the brand.

Driving innovation through every department and business unit of the Sydney-based Fairfax Media, the company implemented a set of physical, behavioural, and technological strategies that enabled more flexible and efficient work by individuals and teams.

It recognised that there was a spectrum of work styles and demands where people would have different activities to complete. This, in turn, requires varying levels of concentration, collaboration, and innovation.

Please refer to the INMA website (http://www.inma.org/blogs/main/post.cfm/fairfax-media-real-time-working-project-judged-worldwide-winner-of-inma-global-innovation-award) for further details on the award.