An organisation close to the heart of the Calder Consultants’ team – non-profit and non-government conservation group Sea Shepherd – will shortly commence its next major campaign, Operation Icefish 2.

The second campaign targeting illegal toothfish poaching in the Antarctic region – the first lasting five months across 2014-2015 – Operation Icefish 2 will see Sea Shepherd’s vessel the MV Steve Irwin returning to Antarctica’s waters to continue its work to confront, intervene in and shut down toothfish poaching operators.  The Steve will be targeting two vessels forming part of the ‘Bandit 6’, Viking and Kunlun, operating in areas of the Antarctic waters that are outside of national jurisdiction.

Calder Consultants supported a recent fundraising campaign to assist Sea Shepherd with the purchase of critical communications equipment for the Steve, comprising a new marine satellite broadband system.  This replaces the existing outdated system and will greatly improve the Steve’s ability to communicate with other Sea Shepherd vessels, receive weather updates, communicate with international media and most importantly, assist with protecting the safety of the crew onboard both the Steve and its smaller boats.

Calder Consultants is proud to support the work of Sea Shepherd on an ongoing basis and wish the crew of the MV Steve Irwin a safe and successful campaign.

Read more about Sea Shepherd and the Operation Icefish 2 campaign here.